Country Walks

Rough Close Nature Reserve

Grindley Park

We are exceptionally fortunate to have a lot of great walks throughout the parish countryside.

Through historic villages with sights of interest, to local nature reserves and miles upon miles of public footpaths there is plenty of routes to keep you fit and active.

We ask a few basic things of you:

  • Please don’t leave any litter.
  • Please clear up after you dog if you have one with you.
  • Please keep any dogs under control as not to spook any wildlife or farm animals.
  • Please close any gates behind you.

Right now the Parish Council is working on a clear map and route guide for some walks but for now please visit Staffordshire County Council’s site where you can pop in a local postcode and all of the footpaths will be highlighted as purple lines.

Staffordshire County Council Footpath Map

This is a very special part of the Parish with ancient mining roots. Today this site is dedicated as a local nature reserve bringing recreational joy to so many.

With stunning views over the undulating  Shropshire Hills including the Wrekin, Rough Close Common is a wonderful place to walk your dog, allow the kids to let off some energy or to simply take a picnic with some spectacular views.

The bottom part of the common has for a number of years had Red Cattle grazing the land. This has not only allowed for rarer species of flora and fauna to return to the land that it once occupied, it’s also a great way of managing the land in a more environmentally sensitive way and of course it saves tax payers money too by not having to bring in staff and machinery to do a cows job.

If you’d like to find out a bit more detail on the importance of the common then please see the link below.

Rough Close Common – Find out More

Grindley Park (Meir Heath) is a pleasant area of open space in which to take the children to play or simply to walk your dog.

There is play equipment for toddlers and older children towards the lower end of the park. At the top of the park there is a football field and a basket ball hoop.

Throughout Spring and Summer there are patches of stunning wildflower meadow attracting many varieties of butterflies, insects and birds.

In 2021 the Parish Council will for the first time be undertaking a full management plan for Grindley Park to explore what improvements can be made including accessibility as well as enhancing the environmental management of the park.

Please note: We do not ever give permission for any individual or organisation to hunt in any capacity on any of Fulford Parish Council’s land. We will pursue prosecution of those individuals who breach this request. Should you witness this occurring then please dial 999